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Mobile Friendly

Surfing made easy

Our website now is mobile friendly. Surfing made easier than ever with information right at the touch of our fingers.


We added more details

To prevent readers getting lost in reading we now provide more details as direction into every section in the website

Dyno Runs

Dynocharts results available

Slowly we will include more of our dyno chart results up online for users to browse on and hoping to gain more expectation of your vehicle model


No more getting lost while browsing

Everything is now organized, no more miss leading informations and chances to miss any great deals going on every month.


Compilation of cars

We now can share with you cars that we touch on everyday, regardless whether is it ecu tuning, diagnosis or repairing.


Open for more dealership

Ecu tuning is up raising in the market of automotive and we had been around for 20 years and we gain many trust and faith through out the hardworking years. We are proudly to annouce that we are expendning for more business oppoturnities.

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